‘So Wa’ is a Japanese coined word; ‘so’ means to create and ‘wa’ means harmony or peace.

In today’s changing wellness industry, for the business to be rooted deep and with a sustained long-term approach, we need to find harmony in everything we do;  after all, we are in the business of people, traditions and well-being.


Our boutique approach enables us to work as a part of your team. We will invest in developing your people, within and beyond spa & wellness department, to achieve the highest levels of guest satisfaction with the deepest level of knowledge and experience. 

We believe in the long-term and holistic approach and your wellness experiences should be memorable and meaningful to your people as well as for your clients.

Concept Development

Based on detailed competitive analysis and market research, we will approach the concept development holistically to ensure your spa & wellness concept will blend in with your brand’s DNA.

We believe the success of a unique and attractive concept depends on the strong storytelling that is reflected in every part of the guest journey; What does your brand stand for? How does the story stand out amongst the competitors? What is your positioning?

Concept Development examples:

  • Facility design
  • Service and offerings
  • Product concept
  • Wellness programme and membership
  • Financials

Private Label

Developing private label products exclusively for your brand is an option. It will lead to various long-term benefits such as higher profit margins, stronger customer loyalty and credibility as a leading wellness brand.

We work with a team of chemists, aromatherapists and veteran formulators to curate your brand’s very own product line. Our partner, a renowned manufacturer in Japan with over 50 years of experience, produces highly effective and unique spa products for the body and face.

Private Label examples:

  • Product concept
  • Formulation
  • Signature treatment
  • Packaging design
  • Cosmetic registration


Whether it’s a new opening or a revamped facility, expert insight is needed to ensure you know how to tackle every mounting task to achieve success.

Based on the availability and capacity of your existing team, So.Wa draws a detailed road map that will lead your project to success.

Pre-opening support examples:

  • Facility design
  • Project management
  • Financials 
  • Sales & Marketing and PR strategies
  • Staff recruitment
  • Employee immersion

Operational Support

Finding the right formula to succeed begins in understanding your operational efficiency at all levels.

With both short-term and long-term goals in mind, So.Wa will help you achieve your goals and have your team members absolutely invested in reaching new levels of business success.

Operational supports examples:

  • Assessment of operational efficiency including treatment, service excellence, financials
  • Training 
  • Operational auditing
  • Strategic planning
  • Events and programmes

Let's refresh your profitability and
be complimented about high levels of
guest satisfaction.